What Does It Take To Be An Equity Dealer?

By | April 28, 2017

Finance is the huge and a complicated sector, but if arranged and studied systematically, it is quite easy to understand. This sector is booming, as a result providing numerous jobs in India. Equity trading is one of the most lucrative and popular job opportunity in the finance sector. Equity dealer jobs have a very significant role in the stock market. They are the people who deal in buying selling of a company’s stock shares. Equity dealers analyze market conditions, calculate financial risk and make the most economically beneficial transactions within the stock market.

Most of the people often get confused between a stockbroker and equity dealer, even I was. Until one of my friend working as an equity dealer with Angel Broking cleared my doubt. Equity dealers are nothing but stock brokers, these professionals process the investment transactions for a company. The one who is purchasing the stock hopes to earn a profit while re-selling it. These traders use stockbrokers/equity dealers for selling their stocks and also for purchasing new ones.

Role Of An Equity Dealer

The role of an equity dealer is to do arrangements of buying and selling of the stocks. This is done by searching buyers and sellers and getting both of them agreed at one price. Equity dealers don’t purchase the stock for themselves, they just trade the stocks on behalf of firms.

Following are the main duties of an equity dealer.

  • Buying and selling of stocks
  • Giving advice on investment and financial instruments, which are stocks, mutual funds, bonds and commodities.
  • Research on the companies producing such investments.
  • Recommending clients investment companies or even individuals, money managers, pension funds, government agencies or corporations.
  • Use the internet to conduct their trades in the dealer market.
  • Some equity dealers actually participate in verbal auctions on the floor of market exchanges.

Dealer Market

A dealer market is nothing but an electronic network where market makers keep a complete list of stocks which they buy and sell to customers and other dealers. This process provides transparency as the prices at which they will buy a stock, the bid and the selling prices of the stocks are displayed.

Average Salary

An average salary of an equity dealer can be anywhere between Rs 144,966 – Rs 868,093. Experience strongly influences income for this job.


A bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics or business is necessary to land an entry-level job. Working as an intern with securities/finance companies during college is the best way to which helps to land a job after graduation. To bag a higher level job you will certainly need a master’s degree in business administration.

Required Skills

To be an exceptional equity dealer, you need to have, if not, then develop these skills.

Ability To Make Plans and Strategies

Record Keeping

Research Abilities

Analytical Skills

I hope now you have got a better understand on equity trading and a glimpse of equity dealing jobs. Write your thoughts on this blog in the comment box below.