Investa Club Leading Investment Club

By | March 23, 2017

Are you looking and not getting better results with mutual funds and equity markets? Are your returns for your savings to low? Investa Club is group of borrowers and lenders under an umbrella where the aim is to facilitate the investors in achieving their financial objectives in an efficient and transparent manner.

Investa Club offers a platform where funds contributed by the members are pooled and provided to businesses and entrepreneurs as loans, earning the members an average and stable return of 3% on a monthly basis.

A saving’s account return on investment is not stable and sufficient enough usually less the 1% return. At Investa Club, companies are provided with loans from the pool managed by our team and in this way.

Investing has never been easier. Investor members may open their account with as low as $ 500 with Investa Club and gain access to all the services available to members. Investor members may choose their own course of action with regard to payment of return from the Club. Investa Club is suitable for investors desirous of regular income for liquidity requirements.

Customer Services line is available 24/7, anywhere and anytime, the members can conveniently monitor the management of their funds through the simple interface and design that will allow them to access the entire information regarding the borrower of their money, the interest charged to borrower, payments received and due to the club.

Investa club investments are not subject to price fluctuation, liquidity, credit risks, etc. The team at InvestaClub minimizes these risks through diversification and professional management. The risk profile is kept low to ensure that investors are provided with stable returns higher than the average bank rates provided in the market.


The dedicated team at Invest Club comprise of experienced and skilled professionals for investment decision making. Team consists of research team which analyses the performance and prospects of companies and select suitable investments to achieve the objectives of the Club members. The team has the necessary resources to follow the market and companies’ performance to ensure that investments made by the members are in safe hands and desired return is achieved.

With the following advantages, invest club offers great opportunity to its prospective members to convert their idle money into an investment with great returns:

  • Professional Management
  • Affordability
  • Convenience
  • Return Potential
  • Transparency
  • Flexibility with services

Two types of memberships are offered which include Investor Member are members that give their money to Investa Club to Invest for them, normally earning the Investor-member a 3 percent return monthly. Account and Borrower Member are members usually companies that need to loan funds from Investa Club to fund difference projects the Borrowing-Member may have.

Investing in InvestaClub is a simple process:


For details, investors or borrowers may visit or call sales representative at aforementioned number for details.