Future Challenges Of Human Resource Management

By | May 14, 2017

Human Resource

Every organization undergoes from success and failures in a society. The problem of every organization is the hiring process or unable people on job and lack in efficiency in work. All the process of recruiting people for different jobs is the duty of HRM manager, so all the complaints from the officials are for HRM manager because he is the one who is questionable for dull performances of employees because they recruited them.

You get complaints from CEO and the other managers and even from the employees these days and your job is at stake every time because being an HRM manager is not an easy task as you have to take the whole company’s reputation with you.

As the complaints are coming one by one, the following can be the future challenges of human resource management in coming days:

  • Reward and punishment:

HRM managers fear to challenge that how to reward or punish employees for their performances because the competition is increasing day by day between employees and everyone is doing their job as a competitor. It is going to be the most challenging task for the managers to decide that who should be rewarded or who should be punished.

  • Leadership qualities:

some employees are working so progressively to reach the higher positions of the organization and they have some brilliant qualities of a good leader who can handle the whole organization so well. They are giving a tough competition to HRM managers or recruiters in a company because everyone wants a higher position and to build his own empire.

  • Culture sustainability:

Culture sustainability is going to be a problem for the HRM managers because every company has its pen culture through which he decided to start a company. The problem is that there are so many variations in the markets nowadays and almost everything is changing in markets day by day, there is a fear that the main culture of the society should not change with the new innovations in the market but a company has to maintain their status quo.

  • Recruitment of talented:

For the success of a company and an organization, it is so much important to recruit talented employees for the job positions because new talent performs well and gives their best in making new policies and new ideas for the betterment of a company.

  • Flexible environment:

The employees nowadays, demands for the flexible environment for the work where they are free from fear of their CEO and they wants to have a friendly zone where they feel fresh while working, it could be a positive sign for a company because when employees are forced to work but they are appreciated for their work also in a friendly way they will work with more dedication. So, there is a need of a friendly environment for the employees at offices.

Following are some suggestions for the betterment of an organization:

  1. The employees should be awarded for their good performances.
  2. HRM managers should also focus on the future advances of the employees who do well.

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