4 Simple Ways to Save Money Every Day

By | April 27, 2017


If you wish you could save more money, you’re not alone. Many people wish they could put some more money away at the end of each month for holidays, rainy days an emergency payments. However, the reality can be quite grim. Many have debt repayments to make, large bills to afford and simple day to day expenses to cover. Salaries aren’t doing up in line with interest, and many families struggle to make ends meet. So how can you save any money, when you simply don’t have any left over? Here are 4 small things you can do on a day-to-day basis which could help you in saving for a rainy day:

  1. Carry Cash

This article by US News suggests that carrying cash can stop you spending it, over using a credit card. They say, “Carrying cash with you makes you consciously think about how much money you’re spending. You can physically see the payment you’re making and feel your stack of cash shrinking.” Try it for a week and see whether you end up spending less.

  1. Plan ahead

This article by Wonga suggests that you should shop for groceries weekly, not daily. If you plan ahead, you can avoid daily spending habits at the local shop on your way home from work. The best way to achieve this is to write down your meals for the week and buy only exactly what you need. Think about all those little things you might want too. These include things like milk and bread – everyday items that would usually get you driving round to the local shop. Essentially, you have to be organised about what you buy and where you buy it from. For example, the local shop may be more expensive that the large supermarket in town.

  1. Bring packed-lunches

Another one of Wonga’s tips, which we think is great, is to make your lunches at home. Although this can feel tedious and tiresome, making up your food the night before work can stop you spending out on the expensive work canteen lunches. Try making up a large potato salad on a Sunday night to keep you going through the first couple of days of the week. Bringing nuts and dried fruits into work can also inhibit those mid-morning cravings which will stop you reaching for your purse to buy a cake from the shop!

  1. Go green

A small difference each day which can stack up in the long term; going green can save on your energy bills. Try switching a light out when you leave a room, putting your heating on a little lower, or simply turning the power button off on your TV. These little actions can save energy which impacts on your monthly bills. Remember to also switch energy contracts regularly to ensure you are getting the best deal!